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Need bike advice.
Tommy? others?

I want to get a city bike.
I'm a big guy, over 200lbs, so I need a bike with tires that can take me hopping curbs at speed, and other shenanigans.
I'm thinking either a hybrid, or a mountain bike with slickrock style tires, as a straight roadbike would probably have more blowouts than I'm willing to deal with.
Don't need shocks, although really stiff front shocks on a hardtail might be ok. I've riden suspension bikes on roads before, and those shocks suck a sizable about of your pedal power when you're my size and really pumping.
For god's sake, no grip shifters.

and cheap.
$500 absolute maximum, and I'd prefer to pay less than half of that.
Should I hit up my numerous local bike shops with my list of demands?
I've heard fleabay has some great deals on bikes if you know what you're looking at...?

In other news, yes, I'm alive.
I've been on somewhat of a hiatus from the intarweb, and haven't really been reading LJ, so if you've tried do solicit my input on anything, I apologize.
feel free to ream me out in the comments.

Now to go call my mother, who also thinks I'm dead in a gutter somewhere.
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