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Been a little while since I've posted.
Many reasons.
not the least of which is that I woke up one morning with a stomache. (morning here being a loose term, as i was on my week off. consider this as... oh, 3PMish.)
Now ordinarilly this wouldn't be much cause for concern. But it didn't go away.
Then I had dinner. A BLT. Mmm.. blt.
Sudden very sharp pain in my poor lil tummy.

Woke up at 11PM that night lacking:
one(1) appendix with a benign tumor, that had caused the appendicitis.
one(1) conscious thought.

General anesthesia is an interesting thing indeed.

So I'm recovering.
What this means is that I'm playing a lot of computer games in between meetings for my job. Cause I can't help people move in as I am not allowed to pick up anything over 20 pounds until october 5th.
cant help the girl move in, which is no good indeed.
Luckily the nora will be there. yay the nora!

Anyway, that's my quick update. I'll read everyones entries from the past... month+ someday now when I have insomnia...

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