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It's a meme for the lazy, who can't be bothered to cull their own interests and explain them!
(I'm trying to start posting more again, hopefully this will be a kick-off point.)

LJ Interests meme results
  1. bay rum:
    Tastiest smelling Cologne/Aftershave ever.
  2. carving:
    Wood, stone, soap... I like to carve things. Mostly wood though, I love raw wood, and peeling away fresh layers with a sharp tool.
  3. david brin:
    Science fiction author, wrote a large number of very good books. Is still writing today.
    If you're going to read anything of his, start with the original uplift trilogy: Sundiver, Startide Rising, and The Uplift War.
  4. freshly cut grass:
    It just plain smells good, and engenders good feelings.
  5. iron-working:
    I got a small taste of this many many moons ago, and wish I could do more. which reminds me to look up that class that was happening this fall!
  6. mangos:
    tasty. Fresh-off-the-tree mangos are the best things in the world.
  7. paragliding:
    Very fun! Got to go once, want to go more.
  8. rain:
    I like the rain, but rarely want to be out in it.
  9. squee:
    Comic by Jhonen Vazquez, also happens to be an excellent exclaimation of joy.
  10. trance:
    Trance music, as in sub-genre of techno/electronica. Have to be in the right mood for it though.

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