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I may be insane, but I have one of these on it's way to me.

It's a longboard style skateboard. I've always wanted one, and prosicated and I were wanting one the other day to ferry large pieces of scavenged furniture home on, so I said 'what the hell' and found a sweet deal on one.
I hesitate to mention it, but last time I was on a "board" (snowboard in that instance) I smashed up my collarbone real good, so I'm excited but nervous. I haven't gone snowboarding since then, but that's mostly a budget issue, not due to fear of getting back on that particular waggon. I think I'd like to hit the slopes again this winter at some point.

I've gotten very sedentary in the past year. Not having a good laid-back summer frisbee league in Boston definitely put a damper on my physical activity. I'm enjoying being in a band, but that's eating up a lot of my time as well, so I'm just not doing as much as I'd like to be. Hopefully this will get me off my butt occasionally.
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