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I was tagged by krues8dr.
Name 10 things that make you happy and then tag 5 others.

1. Hitting the snooze alarm for a full hour while cuddling in the morning.
2. Laying in green grass on a cool sunny day.
3. Wearing hoodies in the fall.
4. Windy days. Also, windy nights.
5. A cup of tea, a few free hours, and a new book/comic/graphic novel.
6. Reading quietly in the same room with another person/other people also reading quietly.
7. A full moon over fresh snow.
8. Tossing a frisbee around.
9. Good beers. Heck, good comestibles of any variety.
10. Being appreciated for something I'm proud of.

tag, yer it!

(stumbled across while spellchecking comestibles: dictionary of difficult words. yay!)
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