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Soul Calibur III is out today... and Civilization 4 just hit stores too...
Too bad I have no time to play games these days. heh.

Tonight! Bottle the Orange Porter (aka Heart of Sunshine) that's currently in secondary fermentation.
Also tonight! figure out timing for driving to philly tomorrow!
Tomorrow! go to work. whee. Pick up rental car, possible friend T., drive to Philly.
Saturday early, crash and sleep.
Saturday 8:30am, be at fields for frisbee tournament.
Saturday 3pm, done frisbee for the day, probably more on Sun. depending on outcome of games.
Saturday evening: shower and chill with da badgers.
Sunday... ?
Monday: Profit! (also drive back to Boston, possibly by way of Ikea. no work! yay!)
Tuesday: back to woik, band practice.
Wednesday: possibly brew x-mas beer?

Man, a full week of stuff scheduled.
Hold me, I'm scared!

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