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Oh, and here's a tidbit from an MSN article about the flu.

No-nonsense tips
Finally, a few ideas you can use and share in the workplace to help stop the spread of flu germs:
* If you know you’re sick with the flu, stay home.
* Get a flu shot, which not only protects you but helps prevent contagion.
* Within a day of becoming ill, ask your doctor about antiviral medications, which can shorten the episode and contain the virus.
* Be especially cautious between late December and early March, the peak of flu season.
* Sneeze or cough into your elbow, not into your hands.
* Clean phones, doorknobs and desktops with alcohol swabs.
* Throw used tissues away!
* Wash your hands and face often with hot, soapy water.

* During flu season, never let anyone lick your keyboard.

Thanks MSN. what would we ever have done without you?
It'd be an orgy of flu-laden keyboard-lickers, I swear.

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