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The girl and I had a marvelous sunday morning.
We went to Noodies, a diner/cafe near us that's really cute/quaint and has yummy food like crab, tomato, and asparagrass omlettes. (the girl had a feta/spinach/tomato one.)
Then we went and got good music really cheap. 3 for 2 cheap.
11.95 a piece, and the third was free. whoopie!
so I got another bela fleck, which is yummy happy fall banjo jazz. This is an accoustic one.
Also go the sex pistols and the deftones, because I've noticed a distinct lack of punk/ska kinda stuff in my collection and I been wantin punky shit lately damnit!
and and and
we went to the point and I had a yummy chai and she drank Yoda, aka liquid christmas.
and and and....
tasty day.
Now we both gotta go work, but she's showering franticly right now.

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