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So I've been wheeling and dealing all week, I've shipped a bunch of old hardware (and games) out the door, and all the orders for my new system have been placed as of 5 minutes ago.

Antec SonataII case with 450w psu (lightly used) - I love my Antec SonataI, and this one's the same but better.
- that, and the one that I really wanted was $190. heh.
DFI nForce4 Ultra motherboard (unused) - great overclocking mobo, should get me extra juice out of the...
Athlon64 3000+ (lightly used) - previous owner got some major overclocks out of this chip, 2.7ghz on air.
RAM - moving over my HyperX from current system.
Hard drives, 2x SATA 200gb seagate barracudas (lightly used) - these should last me awhile. warrantied through 2009.
Heatsink, Scythe Ninja (unused) - super cooling power and super quiet.
nVidia 6800GS video card (brand new) - the only part I had to lay out for via retail channels. best bang-for-buck on the market right now.

Surprisingly I'm going to end up having added very little cash to this system, and my drawers of computer parts should be significantly smaller. At least until I dismantle my old system and before those parts are all sold off. heh. The case/psu is being shipped to my parent's house, and i'm going to make them drag it up here when they come up for thanksgiving next week. I'm not about to try to carry that thing home from work, and getting stuff shipped to our apartment is a pain in the butt, especially since our doorbell doesn't work anymore.

Oh, hmm. I'm going to need a quieter heatsink for the video card if I want a quiet system. forgot about that.
Good thing they're cheap, time to go browse 'for sale' forums again.

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