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Everyman contest results are in.
No, I didn't get an honorable mention, but I did get some recognition. Each of my photos got picked by one judge (out of 12) for their top ten per category.
So thank you judge #4 and judge #6. I appreciate it. ^_^

Sheesh, some of those "winners" are absolute dreck!
And talk about miscategorization... about half the winners in Macro/Abstract are neither macro nor abstract by any stretch of the imagination! eg: this and this.

Also, a good chunk of the chosen photos look like advertising shots. Sure it's still photography, but blech. Such as the first-place winner in the landscape/nature category here. (psst, tweak the saturation and contrast in photoshop much?) And why the heck is this one a winner? Apparently babies and cute animals are all it takes to win.

Travel/Architecture is definitely the strongest category. I can't really find anything to complain about there. The winners are nearly all great photos. I personally don't find some very interesting, but I'll gladly conceed that it's a personal preference thing.

People/Portrait is a mixed bag. Blah photos of children with strong primary colors took 2/3 of the top spots. There's some fantastic shots though, like this one and this one. But I honestly can't see how this got an honorable mention.

Black and White has some fantastic shots, and I'm such a sucker for black and white that I can't really find anything that I dislike enough to single out.

This is my favorite shot from the contest I think. It's just plain beautiful.
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