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I just dropped a bundle of cash on a large router (woodworking tool).
This means I'm serious about building a bass.

I have the neck and the body, collecting the electronics, pickups, etc. slowly but surely.
I didn't carve the body myself, but found one cheap that I liked. This being the first time I assemble an instrument I'd rather not fuxor up an expensive piece of wood myself, and I got a ridiculous deal on it anyway. Cheaper than I would have paid for a slab of wood to carve it myself. For the neck, I'm just not up to that yet. It's the most difficult part of an instrument, and I'm scared of doing it without a real workshop to work in.

I've sanded down the body, next is using my new router to make the pocket for the neck to drop into, and the slots for the pickups.
Once it's shaped I'll put an oil finish on the body and deal with the headstock shape/inlay.
After that it's pretty much soldering the electronics and assembling the pieces.

Cost: ignoring tools I've spent $100 on it so far. Pickups and electronics will probably run me another $100. Not bad for a complete custom hand-built instrument.
Timeframe: who the hell knows? It's my winter project, so hopefully it'll be done before the weather warms up.
Sense of accomplishment when it's done: huge. Or should be at least.

So here's a photoshopped image of what it should look like when done.
The headstock isn't the final design, because I'm still in limbo about what that's going to be.
Can't make up my mind. grr!
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