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ok, so I may have gotten a new bass the other day.

It's from a company called The Bass Company (really out-there name...) who sells direct through ebay. Instead of outsourcing their production to a cut-rate korean/chinese factory, they setup their own factory in China. They pay their workers good wages, provide luthier training, oversee the production themselves, and turn out far better product than any other factory over there for a reasonable price, so I feel good about supporting them.

The fretless I got about a year ago made me realize how "not my sound" my Rich Wave is, resulting in my desire for something that would sound how I wanted. Thus, my constant quest for a new bass of late, and the building one, etc.
I think that this newest bass might finally provide the impetus I need to get me to sell the Rich Wave. I've had offers of $1200-1600 for it, but been unable to tear myself away from it for mostly sentimental reasons so far. But if I can pick up a bass as good as this one for as little as I paid for it, I could get 4-5 very nice new basses with the money from selling the Rich.
Therefore I'm finally serious about parting with it.

I think.
I've been serious a few times before as well.
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