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So I had a midterm this morning. I love midterms, I love them goooood...
The prof threw me a curve. This is my 4th class with him (maybe 5th, can't count right now) and all his tests are usually the same. Then for this one he expected something totally different than I'd come to expect of him. Makes me feel doubly bad because I helped the girl prepare for this test and of course I did so as I expected him to give it as he usualy does.
ugh ugh.
Man that's annoying.
Anyway, hanging out in the computer science lab before class starts. The guy to my left is somehow managing to type in korean (I think) on a US keyboard layout in a telnet window. Very impressive.
Girl to my right seems to be writing a poli-sci paper. what better place to do it than a CS lab. psht...
Oh I do miss updating with interesting and insightful comments. I keep saying I'm going to update more and I never do. I think it'd be good for me to do so! I SHOULD do so. I really should.
I saw aperion on the picklecam last night. he did a little dance which I apparently turned my head for, but the girl filled me in on it with a demonstration no less. Wonderful people around here. ;o)

The assigned reading for this class today was our prof's doctoral thesis. (Disertation if you prefer, but he calls it a thesis so I am too.) click if you wanna read it. I don't suggest that you do unless you're really interested in either AI, analogy making, or you stalk me. It's interesting I guess but pretty dense. although he does refer to his program as the analagator. Such a great name. what the hell was he thinking...?
WinXP has launched. whoopie. I'm sticking with 2000 until I'm forced to upgrade. I have a burnt copy of XP (that I paid for a license for, of course! how dare you insinuate that I wouldn't!) but that biotch isnt goin in my CD drive anytime soon. 2000 is stable, fast, and doesn't take up 2 gigs of space on my hard drive, so why upgrade?
Ok, ok. so I probably will do it over christmas break because that's the kind of guy I am after all. Gotta have the latest greatest.
well, class is starting shortly. Gotta run. Poor poli-sci girl... *grin*
I miss you all!

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