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I'm in one of my evening moods where I just want to make something, do something, create something lasting.
Instead I'm sitting here watching VH1 Classic. ("Bon Jovi's Wanted: Dead or Alive" is actually a surprisingly good song. But I digress.)

I have recently made strides, or at least baby steps, in the right direction for this to happen. I have all the parts I need to make (aka assemble) my first bass of what I hope will be many. In our new apartment, I now have access to a basement in which I can make a mess of woodchips. Today I scored a wicked good deal on a very lightly used table-saw off craigslist. The only thing remaining is to clear and claim a workspace in the basement, and make a workbench to work on (already scavenged a tabletop out someone's trash).

I'm almost out of excuses, and I'm both excited and scared to see what comes next. Will I actually make stuff happen? Will I have new photos at least once a week to share with the intarwebs? Will I feel like I'm really making something, accomplishing something, creating something lasting?
Or, will I simply lay all the groundwork and then fail to do anything with it? Will I keep waiting for that neon sign from the aether to flash out at me and spur me to action?

I can only hope that it will be the former. I do need one or two more tools to accomplish everything in my head, but I've got most of what I need and the rest can be had for under $100 total once I have the space laid out to put them in.

I'm stuck for now. Nothing I can do at the moment, but hopefully this weekend I'll talk to the landlady upstairs about what part of the basement I can call my own, clear a space, light it up, and tack up some plastic walls to contain dust. If I can get that done I'll consider it a weekend well spent.
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