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Sunday I did nothing.

Well, spent 15 minutes tossing a frisbee in the park with prosicated, and spent a few hours napping in the mid afternoon, but other than that did pretty much nothing all day.
The subtext of this is WE'RE FINALLY DONE MOVING IN! There are even a few pictures on the walls!
Sure, all the furniture isn't in it's final destinations, but since we haven't decided where those destinations are exactly it'll be another month or two until that happens. It was so nice to just sit and go "ahhh, moved in."

Haven't had the basement conversation with the landlady yet, mostly because I haven't seen her and would feel really weird ringing her doorbell to say "Hey, I wanna shove all your crap out of a corner of the basement and take it over, ok?" I feel like i have to catch her outside one day and say "hi, blah blah, oh by the way I'd like to use a corner of the basement."
I really need to have this conversation soon though, what with moving being done and all. It's time for me to get off my ass and make stuff.

anyway, back to work.
or even better, LUNCH!

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