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so I just saw this user icon...

and I'm honestly scared and disturbed by the fact that I would vote for that ticket with nary a second thought.
They're a pair of comedians for fsck's sake! and yet they have more common sense than any presidential candidate that I've seen in my lifetime. And I'd trust them with this country!

Just did a giant pile of dishes, drinking a very tasty homebrew (komos! you need to try this one before it gets old, I need specific feedback!), and debating what to eat for dinner.
I'm downloading (correction I just downloaded, that was quick) a copy of the Ubuntu server install from a sick fast server. Less than 10 minutes for a 431MB file? yeah. sick fast. Gonna whip up a little box to sit around the house and do backups and media sharing for prosicated and I. I'd hit a roadblock in these plans a little while back, and a coworker pointed out a brilliant workaround to me. (Was having power issues, can't run two drives on the silent power supply. USB drives have external power adapters, so go single drive that syncs to a USB backup drive. Duh.)

Still need to figure out basement usage.

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