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I apologize for the utter lack of worthwhile content in my journal for... oh the last year or 3. I always mean to update with worthwhile posts, and just never get around to it.

So! general life update.

- Engaged, totally awesome and exciting! Need to write up the story for posterity someday very soon.
- Got a small raise at work, along with everyone else. (annual raises, sliding scale of % based on performance) Not a huge amount, but enough to show up on my paychecks every 2 weeks. And enough that I could increase my contribution to my 401k and not hurt, although I have some CC debts to pay off so I'll wait a bit on the 401k increase.
- Have settled on a small collection of Basses that I'm happy with for the moment, a fretless 4, fretted 5, and acoustic fretless 5. Need to start bass lessons, plan to very soon.
- Need to talk to the freakin landlord(s) about using basement! (I'm such a wus...)
- Living a very messy life at the moment. The house is a disaster area, I think I'll use tonight while Meg's chilling with rainbowspork to clean up the apartment. I did some bass assembling recently and never cleaned up after myself.
- Haven't brewed beer in quite some time, we're running precariously low on homebrew. Once the current hot-spell passes I think we'll whip up a batch of something Pumpkiny to have around for the fall. And perhaps finally make that Smoked Tea Scotch Ale that we've been dreaming up... Need to investigate how the acidity from the tea will affect the fermentation.
- Starting to get claustrophobic in "the city" again, Falcon Ridge was an instigator in it this year instead of being a release of pressure. Odd how that can go either way.
- Had my first "are you wearing a skirt?" conversation with a hispanic 18-20 year old guy working at the nearby grocery/nursery store. He didn't speak much english, but was quite impressed when i informed him that I could carry most of a case of beer in the pockets. I think that made it ok for me to be wearing a skirt. (KILT!)

That's all I've got for now.
I need amusement today! anyone have any random questions they want answered? Tech support? anything?

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