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I came in to the office this morning to find an LJ post already started!
I was so swamped yesterday that i only got through 4 songs over the course of the entire afternoon...

Pick 10 songs starting with a specific letter. oceanic gave me T, I chose to ignore "the".

Tommy the Cat - Primus
Tune In (turn on thee acid house) - Psychic TV
Texarkana - REM
To Each His Own - Django Reinhardt
Tire me - Rage against the machine
Tristesse Globale - Röyksopp
Tubula Rasa - Covenant (KMFDM remix)
Tabula Rasa - Einstuerzende Neubauten
These boots are made for walking - Cranberries
Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brooke
This Long Road - Tom Dews

(actually 11, because two have nearly the same title.)

Comment if you want a letter, I'll pick ya one.

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