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was home sick yesterday, today I feel like I have balled up socks stuffed into my sinus cavities.
mmmm tasty.
oh look, my meds just wore off. time to take more! that's why I feel exceptionally like ass all of a sudden.

I detest popping pills, but sometimes there's really just no avoiding it.

In other news:
- Finally started Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, enjoying it so far. I bought a paperback copy even though we own a hardcover, so that I can take it on the train every day as that's my primary reading time. Now I can finally read this book without destroying a "nice" copy of it! And I can pass it on to someone else when i'm done, which I love doing with good books.
- Started taking a few pictures again; I'm bad at photography in the summer. it happens every year, I don't know why it continues to surprise me. I'll hopefully start posting them as well.
- Feeling weak and out of shape, contemplating joining a Gym. Yech? Yay? hard to decide, I've always hated the concept of "joining the gym" but practicality may win out.
Any suggestions of Gyms in the Kendall/MIT area would be appreciated, I'd like to go in the mornings or over lunch methinks.
- Need to brew a pumpkin beer soon if we want it for the fall! Need to find a pumpkin first, farmers market only had Red Curry Squash, which while visually similar would, I suspect, have resulted in a somewhat odd pumpkin beer.
- The Bavarian Hefeweisen turned out AWESOME. Has a nice hefe bite, little to no banana esters (Good Thing), and is just a great drinking beer. Hits just what I was aiming for, which is a refreshing change in my brewing. ^_^

And congrats to freak1c and sun_set_bravely! It was a beautiful wedding, and we were flattered to be in attendance. (And damn can freak1c's family (and friends) cook some wicked good food!)

Now, to take some drugs and get some lunch.

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