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another week of classes behind me. No classes fridays. yay!
don't know what I'm going to do with myself tomorrow afternoon. the girl is going on a field trip, and there's no frisbee practice due to much snow falling as we speak. And I've lost most of my interest in Diablo 2. Can't decide if it's sad or not. Guess I'll wait for the expansion pack to be released. lots of new stuff then, enough to pique my curiosity. I hope.
I should work on the band page. the girl took some cool pics last night and I wanna get em up.
I'll do that sooner or later.
Anyway, off to do something or other. don't know what. perhaps I'll frolic in the snow.
Or not.
It's cold and wet.
I wish I could run my computer through my stereo. much better speakers. My puter speakers are pretty good for what they are, but it's no real comparison. I WANT VOLUME!
I spliced up a connector once, but it didn't seem to work. The sound coming out was all crazy digitally distorted. Maybe they do some decoding in the speakers or something... *gets interested*
I sense a project! yay!
Off to play with electricity!
(heh. not that you all don't know my name by now, but it's fun to come up with new ones all the time. so there!)

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