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busy busy holiday season. therefore, list-form update!

- brought my upright bass to Boston from my parents' house. yay!
- realized that the strings on it are about 14 years old. oops?
- just discovered that new string sets run about $125-300. ouch.

- currently a mess. ugh.
- a mess because my dad's staying with us installing a brand-new dishwasher! yay!
- landlords paid for the dishwasher! double-yay!

- insane due to 'puter virus outbreak. ugh.
- job security re-affirmed due to virus outbreak! yay?
- need to sign-up for SQL course very soon to make for future "yay!"

- got something nasty on it the other day that compromised my informational security! AHHH!
- totally wiped it tonight and reinstalled windows. A pain, but whew.
- next is reinstall linux on other partition. hmm, hope there's a good mouse-gestures app by now.

off to bed. a demain.

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