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The ugly, (the tasty) the bad, and the good. In that order.

Whew, crazy 18 hours...
So at 5:15pm yesterday our network goes down in the office. Good times are in store obviously. I stayed at work until 8pm until we were sure AT&T was working on it, went home to a lovely dinner that prosicated had created a few hours before, planning on me being home before 6. *sigh* Stupid telecoms.
It came back online at 11:30 or so last night, I was online keeping tabs on things, and suddenly "poof" it was back. Root cause? AT&T in their infinite wisdom deleted our main T3 to the internet.
Yes, deleted.
As in someone in their system deleted a virtual ethernet cable, and thusly we were down.

Crashed at midnight-ish, only to be woken up around 6am by a relatively freaked out fiancee because the kitchen smelled like gas. Blearily checked the stove, twiddled all the knobs, and convinced her to wait a half hour and see if the smell dissipated via twiddling. Half-hour later, not so much dissipated. Woke up enough to troubleshoot properly, and found that the pilot light for 2 burners had gone out, and was just leaking gas instead of... pilot-lighting. Took me a good 15 minutes to figure out how to get to it and relight it. In retrospect, a blowtorch isn't a great tool for lighting a pilot-light, as it blows a bit too hard to allow that faint flicker of gas to light without getting blown out in the process. Went back to sleep for a bit, then the bed fell off it's risers with a loud thump to one side. *heavy sigh* We got that back on it's blocks, and it was time to get in the shower and head to work.
A lovely morning all told.

Got to work, quiet day so far having had a 6 hour outage last night... I expected screaming, wailing, and breast-beating. Happily disappointed.
Then I got handed a bonus check, for twice as much as I got last year.

This day's lookin up.

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