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So apparently I'm getting sick.

I always know this ahead of time, because my ears go out of sync, and I can't stand listening to music. It's absolutely bizzare, everything sounds slightly warbly, like one of the speakers is a quarter-tone off from the other and they're phasing oddly. This happens every time I get a cold, it's like an odd, temporary variety of tinnitus or something.

I doubt most people realize just how much music I listen to, because I don't really talk about it a lot. Even those who know me really don't get the full view of it, because mostly it's at work. The music thing is fodder for it's own post though, so I'll write that later today, after I post an MP3 or two.

Hope it clears up by sunday, cause I'm going to be playing upright bass in a recording studio for the first time and I'm gonna need these ears to be on top of their game...


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