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I had a great weekend. So yes, you'll be subjected to yet another monday "my weekend" post.

Saturday was my birthday, thanks all for the well-wishing, it was appreciated. ^_^
I had a lovely lazy saturday, which prosicated gamely put up with despite her deepest desires to "do something." We got up, made and ate a tasty breakfast, lazed about, ran a brief errand, then went to an awesome dinner at Ten Tables down in JP.
Oh my goodness, such good food. Skate wing, pillow-soft gnochi, homemade dry sausage... If only they were beer geeks instead of wine geeks I'd move in to their restaurant. It's a small place (10 tables oddly) and they're very cozy and friendly. You can watch the chefs make your food, then eat it, and the wait staff was attentive, helpful, and friendly while being very professional. They knew the food very well, and were happy to answer any questions. I highly suspect we'll be going there again.

Then we went home at partook of the tasty birthday cake that prosicated made for me, along with some JP-Licks sweet cream ice-cream for good measure.

Sunday I rolled out of bed, send prosicated off with oceanic for the day, twiddled with my bass amps and cabinets to try to get things working right, tried to run an errand only to be foiled by closed stores (stupid easter), then grabbed a zipcar, picked up the esteemed chillguru, and headed to Mass Institute of Art for a recording session with Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band. We had a great session, got down three tracks that we were pretty happy with, and definitely had a good time of it. I'm really loving the dynamic of the group, lots of good people who play well and are relaxed enough to just enjoy making music. No drama-queens in this group (woohoo!).
moominmolly came along and shot some photos, check them out here.
yay! photos!
(She also inspired me for what might be my birthday/bonus-check present to myself, a new lens for my camera to fill the wide-angle gap in my arsenal. More on that another day.)

Dropped off chillguru, went home, had more birthday cake and discussed the day with prosicated, crashed, got up, came to work.
Bleh busy work, but yay for a great weekend.

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