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hey all. had a passable thanksgiving break. Missed the girl muchly, and saw too many relatives, but nothing bad happened, so I about break even I guess.

Two of my suitemates and one of their girlfriends (Travis, Shane, and Alexis) have currently locked themselves into our bathroom and are screaming and moaning in orgastic delight, as they proclaim themselves the soviergion(sp) nation of Sauna. (Aka. they turned on all the sinks and the shower as hot as they'll go and closed the door and window.)
No, I don't know those people.
(As I wrote this I heard "Oooohh!!! That's great! *gutteral grunt*")

Overheard at the thanksgiving dinner table:
Michael(age 11): "The pilsbury guys aren't elves, they're doughboys."
Andrew(age 9): "Yeah, well that's why they're so evil!"
I, naturally, burst out laughing.
Aparently I was the only person who heard them say it, so I got some funny looks from stodgy relatives.

Aaaaand... yeah. That's about it for my life. Burning movies onto CDs to clear up some space on my puter, as I was using 17 out of 18 GB on there. Only have a few gigs of movies, not sure where all that space is going. We'll see...

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