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[photography rant]
I'm so sick of people taking photos, cranking the contrast and colors to max in photoshop, and posting them to the intarwebs to be fawned over by... fawny people.
for instance!
This guy's a prime candidate. Look at the larger image size, and check around the image for signs of insanely tweaked contrast. He's blown out any subtlety in the image in order to get the sky to look as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise. In fact, it was probably a very average sunrise with average colors, but when you play with photoshop, kablaam! I mean look at the sides of the boats, they're all stippled from being blown out by PS filters.

That was simply a rant, read nothing into it please.
I need to get off my ass and shoot more, I've been carrying my camera every day lately, but haven't wanted to stop in the rain for a single shot yet. I'm such a wus in crappy weather.
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