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a video debate about the existence of god after the cut.

link to youtube vid, 1 of a 6 part series. Watch 'em all, takes a bit. No need for visuals, just put them on and listen while doing other stuff.

If you want to believe in god(s), great.
Go for it.
I can't disprove it and you can't prove it, and I'm ok with that.
But if you're going to go into a debate structured around presenting scientific evidence of the existence of god and you show up with that drivel, do yourself a favor and don't embarrass yourself on national TV.

These freakin yahoos are the best debaters of the evangelical christianity for the existence of god? They can't even get through 5 sentences without threatening unbelievers with eternal damnation!
Scare tactics.
Every. Single. Time.
Don't believe in god? the boogeyman will get you! you don't want the boogeyman to get you, do you? Then believe in god!

I particularly like that the only rational(ish) argument he/they presented was along the lines of "Everything needs a creator! The universe can't just exist, something had to create it. God created it!"
'Uh, Rob, who created God then?'
"God is eternal and doesn't need a creator! Duh!"

The rational responders comported themselves superbly: they were clearly outclassed as public speakers but they certainly won the debate.

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