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I always have speakers going around me. I'm an auditory kind of person, in addition to being a musician. If I don't have something playing, I'm usually humming; just ask prosicated, or anyone else who's spent any time around me.

My main stereo has had the same speakers for almost 15 years now. I built them myself from a highly regarded kit the summer before 7th grade. They sound great when compared to just about any off-the-shelf speakers that cost under $500, but they're not perfect and they're starting to age.

Thus I've embarked on a 'build-new-speakers' campaign.
I decided on a full-range speaker instead of a multi-driver cabinet. This means that I'm using one very carefully chosen driver (the 4.5" Fostex fe126e) instead of a woofer+tweeter, or woofer+mid+tweeter combination to cover the sound spectrum. Obviously in order to make this sound good you have to have a very carefully designed box for it.

I did my research, found a very interesting design, and have been slowly building them. Since they're horns they involve some rather complicated woodworking, and I probably won't be done those for another month or so. But I've got the drivers in hand, so I threw together a small bass-reflex cabinet and installed them in those boxes until I can finish their real new homes.

I fired them up for the first time last night. Even in these generic little bass-reflex boxes they put my existing speakers to shame! I spent 10pm-11pm last night just sitting on the couch throwing in various CDs so that I could hear all the nuances I'd been missing for so long. (I believe that Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck played me duets right in my living room, I have to remember to send them a thank-you note.)

Here they are, the little boxes on top of my old speakers:

I really can't wait to finish up the frugel-horns and give them a listen. People say they're much better than a bass-reflex box, and I'm chomping at the bit now to get them done. Just have to get over my fear of routing dados... :D

Hmm. Don't have a good icon for this post, I'll just go with yoda playing the bass. *grin*

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