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a couple things, I'm gonna do it in somewhat of a list format just so I can get it out of my brain.

Fedora's ok! About $2k and no teeth later that is...
Monday morning we dropped her off at Angell Memorial to see the dentist. He ended up removing all her teeth, as she had some major tooth rot going on. Apparently it's relatively common, and they have no idea what causes it. It's probably been going on ever since we got her. We picked her up Monday afternoon, brought her home, and waited anxiously to see if she'd start acting normal. Last night she finally ate some wet food for the first time, and we're feeling good about her now. (Turns out she just didn't like the wet food we were giving her, we tried something else and she wolfed it down.)
She's now officially known as "The Toothless Wonder," or as prosicated calls her, Toothless Joe from Hannibal Mo.
I need to try to get a good pikture of her yawning.

I haven't seen my parents since christmas and my sister and new baby niece(!) are going to be in town for a bit, so prosicated and I are headed to Philly over memorial day weekend to meet the baby and see family. We're probably going to have to take the cats with us, because Fedora needs lots of dealing with (shoot goo in her mouth twice a day) and I think Brancusi would go insane if we left him all alone for the better part of a week. Driving 6+ hours each way with two cats, this should be fun.

New co-worker started yesterday, she's doing IT training. We'll see how it goes, probably some locked posts coming up about work stuff.

Wombats are cute.

I biked to work yesterday and today after about a week off, It's nice to get back on the road. My dad has a nice old 10-speed in the shed at home, I'm wondering if he'll let me run away with it. He hasn't ridden in probably ten years or so, and I've been wanting to try out a proper road bike. Hopefully he'll be happy to see it used, and the rental car will have space to bring it home.

So my shoulders are no longer attached to my ears, life is calming down again, and things are returning to normal. The money I'd been saving went to saving Fedora's life (no complaints!), which has delayed some other plans yet again, but I'll figure something out. The week of rain and yuck is over, it's lovely spring weather, the cats are ok, the night is young, and you're so beautiful...

I need to do some serious office cleaning in here, it's a freaking mess.
Off to do that.
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