... in a handbasket (inahandbasket) wrote,
... in a handbasket

So I've now met my niece, she's ridiculously cute! I aim to takes me some piktures while I'm here.
Phear the baby photos!

I didn't expect to have much computer time while at the 'rents house, but I was nominated to pick up my grandmother at the airport this morning around 2:30am, as I'm the only one around here who's actually capable of staying up that late. Silly morning people, all of 'em! Thusly I find myself killing time on the intarwebs. Took me a good 2 hours to read all my LJ from the past two days. I have to set up some reading filters again I think and avoid all my RSS feeds and communities.

I've got another half-hour to kill before I head out, then 45 mins to the airport, find the grandmother and her travel companion, drive them 45 minutes home, then drive the last 45 minute leg of that triangle. I'll be lucky to be in bed by 4am tonight, I think I'ma skip breakfast tomorrow.

The cats behaved fairly well for the 7 hour drive from Boston, considering it was their first real car ride and all. The rental car is covered in panic-shed cat fur though, we'll need to go over it all with a lint roller before we turn it back in to the rental place.
Fedora's doing well, wolfing down her tasty turkey 'n giblet dinner packets.
Nothin like some yummy turkey 'n giblets.

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