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I've just come into a 24" widescreen LCD at work.
Holy freakin shiny batman!
It's larger than our TV at home, and it's sitting about 3 feet in front of me. I had to turn the brightness on it down to 36/100 to not burn out my retinas.

Prosicated's at home, hopefully watching a plumber hook up our new stove. Not that we wanted one, but the powers that be (aka. landlords) decreed that we would have one.
The existing stove was a selling point for us renting the apartment, it's an old 1950's/60's orange gas stove with a nice wide place in the middle for spoons and pots.
Sure, now and then it'd let out some gas for a day or two, making the house smell and us worry for our well being, but it was a damned nice stove.

I think the new one has a burner that will actually be better for beer brewing, so not all is lost.

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