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Because it's a funny concept...
When the Inevitable Zombiepocalypse invasion begins, who on your LJ friends list do you want in your band of ragtag survivors fighting to persevere in a world gone MAD? List who on your flist you want at your back with a machete, and explain why.

So in mostly alphabetical order...

prosicated, because zombie shins hurt when they get kicked too!
9mm. Someone on the team should be well versed in firearms. And he's got a mullet which would even scare zombies.
axxesdenyd. Another man knowledgeable in firearms, and with plenty of aggression to get out. Also he's like 6'20". Maybe he could even convert a few...
c_m_i, because ain't no one more prepared for a zombiepocalypse than him.
chillguru would either get kung-fu on their asses, or distract them with shiny things.
cobaltnine. Good to have a satanist on your team come the zombiepocalypse. Also dangerous when cornered.
komos, gives c_m_i a good run for the preparedness title, and every team needs a kickass chef!
manningkrull for general monster knowledge, and very spiky dangerous piercings.
paperpath because pirates beat zombies.
primal_pastry. A new friend, but something tells me that she'd be a good person to have in a fight. Perhaps the fact that my introduction to her involved tales of lesbian bar brawls...
spider_jeruslem. Not the lj user, the character. 'nuff said.
wanderyng1, because he considers the possibility daily, and that's gotta count for something. Also a black belt iirc.

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