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so i've gotten fed up with the never-ending fight against spam on my hosted domains. I've tried spamassassin, greylisting, all kinds of crap to no really good solution. I can live with it, but my parents were giving me crap about all the spam in their e-mail.

I just flipped the switch on cybertrash.net over to google's free mail hosting. It's gmail for your own domain.
And it just works.
Spam's getting slammed, you can enable POP on an account by account basis, can share contacts, do aliases and mail lists, and all kinds of good stuff.
And it's free for up to 100 user accounts.

I sound like a commercial, I know, but damn am I just glad to be out of the spam war.

Now to convince all the friends I host to do the same with their domains so I can pull external mail off my box entirely.

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