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Why the hell is it so hard to find a good mouse these days??
I truly love my old Logitech MX310, but it's starting to become translucent from wear, and the slidey feet are missing.

My boss got us all MX1000 cordless lasers for xmas last year, but frankly I hate it. It doesn't move right, and the laser's so sensitive that I can't pick up the mouse 1/8" and move it without budging the cursor like I can with a generic optical. (Also it weighs a ton.)

Microcenter took away it's mouse testing area, they're all just in boxes on the shelves now. Useless. *pout*
Considering a trip to bestbuy again, although I've played with all the mice there at least 3 times now. Thinking about the G5, although it seems a little overkill.

Anyone out there got recommendations? I don't care corded or cordless, but it can't weigh a ton.

And yes, I know I'm obsessive about mice, but I use them day in and out, and can't afford carpal tunnel.

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