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Gig tonight!

gig tonight!

Located in the Harvard-Epworth Church across from cambridge common (the park), Squawk is one of the off-beatest, most eclectic, schizolithically elevating and open open mikes in the country. Come one, come all. Freedom calls. Duty be squeemered. Desire is the password, the love of liberty a must. The complimentary coffee is hot, the complimentary tea freshly brewed, the complimentary cookies sweet, and the incomparable entertainment -- for a $3 suggested donation -- unchainably entertaining.

Starts at 9pm, we're playing promptly(ish) at 10, being preceded and postceeded by open mic entertainment ranging from theatrical monologues to singer-songwriters to slam poets. be sure to get there early so you don't miss us, and bring a little extra loot for the band for when we pass the hat. ;D

Thursday August 9, 9pm at Squawk Coffeehouse
1555 Mass. Ave., Harvard Square, Cambridge
Cost : $3 to get in + whatever donation you want to give to the band
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