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General life update time. woo.

I'm biking to work most days, about an 8 mile round trip the way I go. Its not a hugely long ride, but it gets the blood flowing and I'm ready for a shower when I get home in the afternoons.
I recently bought a nice 1-year old road bike (k2 mach1) for a ridiculously low price, and I'm really loving it. It's light, fast, and fun. My last bike, the Marin hybrid, was nice and all but the k2 is like a sports car in comparison. It worked out pretty well though, as chillguru needed a solid bike as his old one was pretty well beat. He's riding the Marin for the forseeable future, and enjoying it as much as I did when I first got it. I'm glad it's being loved. ^_^

Band is doing awesome, myspace.com/ensmb
Lots of shows coming up in setember, so that should be a good kind of busy for the most part. It's a big chunk of time too, so my days are pretty crammed up through wedding. (Wedding being exactly 37 days, 21 hours, and 26 minutes from now.) There's a big festival on the weekend of the wedding, but they'll just damn well have to do it without me.

The aforementioned chillguru is working in my office, which is both awesome and a little weird. We used to see eachother rarely and it was cause for celebration and hugs, now we see eachother constantly in an environment not conducive to male-on-male hugs. But we cope.

Niece is sitting up on her own, very cute.

We bought a car!
coraline recently got herself a newer corolla, and so sold us her older one. It's a 1993 dark green/blue (aka teal) Corolla, in great shape for it's odometer reading. I took it home, vaccuumed it out, cleaned off the many old Somerville parking permits, and decided to update the stereo to something that will play CDs instead of just tapes. The stereo I ended up getting as the best deal with the features I wanted (cd player, aux input jack, not ugly or expensive), also happens to have a USB port. So i'm gonna stick a hard drive in the car, and if all goes well we'll have disturbing quantities of music on tap at the push of a button. whee!

Definitely getting settled in on the MacBookPro at work, I have everything transfered over on it, and only still have the Dell running for the phone software so I can answer the helpdesk line, and MS Office because I haven't figured out if our corporate license qualifies us to the mac version too. Everything else at work is being done on the MBP with no issues, so it's a pretty successful test.
Oh, and the Dashboard's fun, I'm posting this via the zlj dashboard LJ client. pretty neato.

Band practice tonight, stereo install and basement woodworking time tomorrow night so I can get a start on a functional item for the wedding.

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