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What I have to do before friday:

Anthro. Senior seminar:
10-15 page GRANT PROPOSAL for thesis research next semester.

Anthropological Theory:
5 page paper

Atmospheric Chem:
1 page executive summary
5 page paper suggesting environmental policy

Paleolithic Archaeology:
5 page paper on an article
5 page paper on topic of choice

Cognitive Science:
1 page Project Proposal

Due next week: (aka finals)
CS project (monday afternoon) Programming, experimentation, and write-up (10 pgs)
10-15 page Final Theory paper(wednesday by 5?)
Archaeology final (self scheduled before friday)

Ok. So i've got it mapped out.
If I get everything done for friday and my CS project done over the weekend, I'll pass all my classes. (theory paper should be easy with 2 days, final is a final. whee.)
Of course it's currently 12:41 wednesday afternoon and I have classes all day tomorrow.
Oh shit.
And I have no time to be nerveous.

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