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I'm tired.
I have 4 laptops and 3 LCD monitors arrayed around me like an operator in the Matrix.
- Total screen real-estate - 895.875 square inches of LCD staring me down (not counting three phones and a cell phone). I'd have 4 more laptops up but for the bottleneck of desk surface area.
- Total data transfered so far today (9:30am), well into the 10's of gigabytes, probably hundreds.
- Total disk space represented on my desks, nearly 2 terabytes. (ed. odd that firefox's dictionary doesn't have Terabyte in it.)

William Gibson was recently asked why his new book (Spook Country, excellent btw) was set in the recent past instead of the cyberpunk future that he's known for, with the implication that the present has caught up with his future.
"[the present is so weird that] I don't know if I'll be able to make up an imaginary future in the same way."

I'm surrounded by and immersed in the hyperpresent, and it's taking it's toll.
I need out for awhile.

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