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Have a few minutes here to read back on some LJ, drop notes to a few people, and generally let my brain drool out my ears just a bit.

Wedding is coming along swimmingly, which is to say that it's been stressful, hectic, interesting, enlightening, hair-tearing, and quite a few other adjectives. People are coming in from all over the world just to celebrate prosicated and I loving each other. It's pretty cool.
Furthest west: Maui (my sister)
- Furthest east: Germany (prosicated's best friend from before I met her)
Oldest: a grandparent, unsure who holds the title.
- Youngest: my niece, 8 months.

It'll be crowded, and we keep wishing we could have invited double the people, but it's going to be a big enough event as it is. eep!

Anyway, got to read back a bit of LJ, catch up on a few webcomics, e-mail with the band leader for sunday, and let a few people know that I'm still alive. I look forward to catching up with the rest of you at some point after a week from now. We're not sure what we're up to for the first week of being married, but it ain't gonna involve work or school, and will probably involve lots of tasty food.

Now it's past time that I should have crashed, so off to do so.

T minus 38 hours and counting...

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