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Band gig! thursday!

We've got a really exciting show coming up this Thurs. 10/18 at the Lizard Lounge starring us and two other absolutely fabulous bands.

First up is the amazingly gifted Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade. She evokes an old time sound through her original music, and conjures forth Billy Holiday and Patsy Cline with her rich voice. she's backed by a tiptop band of local musicians on clarinet, drums, guitar and upright bass (paul dilley of HUMANWINE, Beat Circus, Rev. Glasseye...)

Second, The Juan Prophet Organization from Tennessee. You won't want to miss the stunning vaudevillian art rock that these out-of-towners will be churning out for your listening pleasure. we're really excited to be sharing a bill with this group. they blend together a wide variety of instrumentation and musical styles and we can't wait to hear what comes out of their live show!

...and wrapping up the night...US!!!

This would be a great show to see even if we weren't a part of it! :D
So come out and show your love for eclectic original music!!!

with special guests
the Juan Prophet Organization
and Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade

Thursday Oct. 18th 9:00 PM 21+
at the Lizard Lounge $10

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