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(My usericon at the moment is the cupcake tree I made for our wedding. Flickr page here. Or search the twohyphens account for cupcake. I'm very happy with how it came out, and it's now an end table in our living room. It needs a better finish eventually, but it'll be fine for now.)

I'm starting to get antsy because I don't have any making projects at the moment. I mean, I have a couple on paper, but nothing I'm making sawdust/solder on.
This is a good thing.
That I'm getting antsy I mean.
I haven't played Warcraft in over a month and have gotten a lot done in real life. Today I spent about 5 hours putting my basement playpen back into working order, cleaning it up, and assessing what needs to be done to make it a productive work area for my current crop of projects (mostly furniture). I also snapped the blade on my bandsaw, and I think it may be smarter/cheaper to just replace the whole shebang. C'est la vie. Also going to finally need a biscuit joiner for all the furniture making, as it'll save me hours of cutting mortise and tenon joints.

Incidentally, I have a spare handheld jigsaw at. Anyone need one? It's not amazing, but it'll get small jobs done for sure.
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