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Well, I'm back.
Spent the day in classes and getting food, did a little work.
Current schedule of shit to get done before 5pm tomorrow looks like this:
Thesis/Grant Proposal: 5-10 more pages
2 Chem papers: 6 pages total
2 Archaeology papers: 4-7 more pages
one e-mail proposal: negligable, just gotta do it.
being free (temporarily) in under 23 hours... priceless.
There are some things pages can buy.
For everything else, there's debt.

This leaves me with 15 pages minimum, 23 max. Definitely doable.
Just gotta get books out for all of em before the library closes at midnight. Eep!
Chem comes first, as that class is at 10:30 am.
Off to La Bibliotheca!

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