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An update on something that's not a photo! shock!

So last night I finally mounted a vice on my workbench in the basement. Should make getting 'stuff' done a lot easier.
I then proceeded to clamp in a chunk of mahogany and have at it with my small gouges for the better part of three hours. Holy crap did I miss woodcarving!
Today I finally used a gift certificate I got from my sister for xmas last year to purchase a small bevy of tool-sharpening and storing implements. Now I can actually rationalize buying some nice gouges, as I'll be able to maintain them.

At the moment I have a small dilemma. I have a looong list of projects that need to happen, and I'm just not sure how to attack it. I think I need to sit down with a list and prioritize it, then simply dive in.
I seem to do good work when I just dive in, and that first bit of sawdust is the hardest one to make.

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