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I just spent a chunk of my annual bonus (from current/old company!) on the bits and pieces needed to finally make good use of the kegging system that my cousin got us as a wedding present. Without sacrificing a good chunk of our fridge that is. I'm psyched. I've always wanted draft beer in the house. ^_^

Also we transfered the heather ale to secondary, and oooohhhh goodness is this gonna be a good one. We also added another 2oz of heather tips as a dry-"hop", but it's so good right now we're probably only going to leave them in for about a week before bottling/kegging.

Have the mini-fridge (thanks Target), need to build an insulated box with the soon-to-be-decapitated fridge, and install the 2-tap tower that should be coming in the mail later this week, and if all goes as planned we could have 2.5 gallons of heather ale on tap as soon as next weekend.

Also on the to-brew list:
Rye Pale Ale
Ginger Beer (again)
Re-attempt the Lapsang Souchong Scotch Ale.
- Need to research the fermentability of tea to see if that's what screwed us up last time.

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