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Holy shit. We're actually doing it.
My first clue was the 300 CDs that showed up at my house (with two people's names spelled wrong ::facepalm::).
Clue two came in the form of dress rehearsal last night, where we actually ran through the whole thing for the first time, and it happened! It wasn't flawless, but that's what dress rehearsals are for after all.

If you haven't already made plans to, please come see it!
Tickets available from the box office by phone, and it appears they'll be available at the door as well, but I suggest getting your name in the will-call queue just in case.

In other news...
You should be reading freakangels, because Warren Ellis said so.
And because it's quite good too.
It's up to the 15th 6-page edition, all posted free on the intartubes.
Go read it, support free online comics.

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