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So big news!
A lot of you have heard us muttering about this, or even outright stating it, but we didn't want to jinx anything so we haven't talked about it much.
Friday we got countersigned papers back, so now it's official.
We're buying a house!

Ok, so condo, but buying!
It's the first floor of a 2-family, so much like what we have now. Slightly smaller, but with a great garden and patio out back that's all ours, half the basement, garage, and ours! Like, we can build shit and break shit and fix shit without dealing with landlords and/or just throwing money into someone else's house! And established garden with great soil, and a big old established grape vine that an old Italian couple made wine from every year when they lived there!

It's in West Somerville a few blocks from Teele square, and exactly a mile from Davis, which is the furthest we wanted to be from the T. I'll make a friends only post at some later point with the actual address, likely closer to closing (which is currently set for the end of June baring some outstanding legal paperwork shiznit). We hadn't really been looking, but we found a place that hit everything on our list of what we wanted, except not a single-family. But we couldn't have afforded a single-family in the davis/porter neighborhood anyway, so it was mostly a pipe-dream.
Literally everything on the list of "needs/wants in a house" got checked off with this place. And we can afford it. *boggle*


(Anyone know a good structural engineer? we wanna rip the hell out of the kitchen ASAP and need to make sure we're not going to collapse anything.)
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