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well the girl seems to be lost somewhere, haven't heard from her in over 14 hours, which is rather odd. *sigh*
but she did update this morning so she's around.
The e-mail server at her school has developed flakiness in relation to it's virus scanning capabillities, thus delaying mail by as long as 14 hours sometimes.
We're on the same freakin physical network and I can WALK the 5 miles there faster than an e-mail will get there. splain me that. stupid viri...

been workin on a paper for my Theory class, term paper. whee.
goin slow cause I picked someone to write about who didn't care about himself or his field, so it's hard to fill out space as I have to go searching through all his books and determine what theory he subscribes to before I can begin deconstructing/writing it.

I just want this to be done, so that I can have a little more free time this week. Such a busy semester and I want it to be over already damnit!

Ah well, back to work.

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