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Condo buying update.
So we're closing next friday, and things are looking stable.
Which they weren't about 18 hours ago.

We're going through the olde paperwork shuffle with our lender, and things weren't quite nailed down yet because we needed a few old bank statements and other things. Fairly standard. We requested an extension for a few days from the sellers. Also fairly standard.
They were burned by a previous buyer who backed out at the last second due to financing issues, so they got skittish and put up a serious roadblock to extending anything.
Upshot of all this is that I spent today running around like (as our lawyer put it) 'a one-handed paper hanger' trying to get everything coordinated and in under the 5pm wire. Mission accomplished, I just have a few more gray hairs than I did this morning. Now I've had a beer and some good loud music and am back at peace with the world.

Not that there aren't a thousand other things that need to happen in the next week before closing, but this was a big one and a very hectic morning, and I'm glad to have it behind me.

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