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The continued adventures of homeowning...

got over to the condo tonight with grand plans to get a lot done!
Got a lot done, just not what was on the list...

so there was this nasty 5' tall fake wood paneling in the kitchen which is covering up actual 100 year old (guestimate) genuine wood wainscotting. Why? Me no know. So after tearing it up around the center where we removed three walls, Prosicated and I decided that we should take it off the walls around the edges as well.
I came over tonight to weedwhack the overgrown grass, rip that fake paneling off, and put a temporary floor in place. 2 out of three ain't bad? The plaster on the upper part of the wall behind the paneling was so crappy it basically fell off when I pulled off the paneling holding it in place, so instead of getting on to the floor I spend the rest of the evening drywalling up where the plaster had said bye-bye.
Got it done, and it looks great, but I didn't get done everything I planned to.
Oh, I also set up the dehumidifier in the basement. It's got a sensor as well, so now i know that we have 80% humidity down there. Mmm hmm, that was a wise investment that I was dubious about at the time. It's pouring water out the drain hole into the sink down there as we speak.

Did I mention that I love this shit?
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