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ooooooooooooo man!
Um. You. the one with the eyes.
Step away from the computer and go see Lord of the Rings.
Cause I know you're a dork/geek like the rest of us and have read the trilogy at least twice.
You'll love it.


Ok, so anyway, I'm alive. Have to take a test in the morning at 9:30, which sucks. But then the girl and I are meeting my sister and her boyfriend in the city for lunch at the best place in the world.
They have a beer list that's 10 pages long, largest in Philadelphia, and they're so damned tasty...
(I recommend the hoegartten (I can't spell in beliginish...))

And, um. yeah. ok. go to the theater and find the largest screen you can.

Ok, so I LOVED the movie.
Naturally they changed some parts to make it flow better in a visual medium, but all in all it's extremely true to the book. Between this, the recent Dune (sci-fi channel) and Harry Potter I think hollywood is finally catching on with how to rerender a book as a movie.

There was no part that I hated, and only a few that I found noticibly annoying.
#1: I loved Tom Bombidill. I really hate that they took out that and the barrow-wights section, but I can live with it. That was my major issue.
#2: They made Boromir a little excessively evil, which is very in line with how he acts in the book, but I think that they exagerated it a little too much.
#3: Rivendell was beautiful, but not as I imagined it. Just a difference of opinion.
#4: elrond is the Agent from the Matrix. I really feel bad for this actor, because the Matrix just ruined him for any other roles. When you first meet him he says "Welcome to Rivendell.... Mister Baggins..." And for a second you're totally sure with all your heart and mind that he's about to say "Mr. Anderson..." It's painful, but oh well. He makes a decent elrond other than that.
#5: I'm very conflicted with their representation of Galadriel. you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. Just kind of... overboard... or something.

Ok, that seemed like a lot of Cons, but for a 3 hour movie of a book that I know practically by heart that's exceedingly little negativity.

Gandalf, Legolas, Bilbo, Aragorn, fucking dead on. (they cut most of legolas's lines, pissed me off. he rocks.) These characters are amazingly cast and portrayed. Perfect I might say. some guy on slashdot summed up Legolas best when he said "where the hell did they find him? Go up in a tree and pick him out of it?" Gandalf is about exactly as I imagined him. Beard's a little short, but it makes life so much easier to not have a full body beard for the movie... Oh, and look closely at his staff, his pipe fits into the top of it. ;o) Bilbo is only in it a bit, but they got him very very well. And Aragorn (strider) is just great. I was afraid he'd be too pretty-boyish as he is the "man" in the movie, but he's down and dirty in just the right ways. It's great.

Filmed in New Zealand, it's just awe inspiring. Everything from the Shire to the Mines of Moria, to Mount Doom just make your jaw drop. Seamless special effects added onto the Landscape to make it really REALLY authentic.
Isengard (sarumon's tower) is just perfectly recreated, and the head of his staff is a miniature of the tower. Nice little touch.
The rest was pretty good, with the Elven woods (lothlorien I believe) being absolutely beautiful. The city in the trees is beautiful.
Special Effects:
only really noticed that they were computer graphics in 2 places: the elven city mentioned above was a little funny in it's lighting, but still really nice. And one flyby of some hilltop ruins looked a little two dimensional. But considering the amount of computer animation in this movie it's incredible that it's so unnoticible.

Plot changes:
Mostly unnoticible unless you really know the story. Gandalf should have escaped the tower by the time the hobbits got to weathertop, and his battle there with the flashing lights never happens. Fits the movie format better, and less to explain later, but still. Other little things like that. Frodo isn't invisible when he takes the boat and leaves, and he really should be, but again it makes things a little easier I guess. The way he slips the ring on by accident in the Inn at Brie is a little different, but again saves time.

And as this is a three hour movie already, it's good they cut it a lot. If they hadn't, they would've had to make it two movies and have 6 movies instead of 3. But damnit I wish they'd made it 6 hours long instead. It was SOOOOOOO good.
I've never been able to sit through a full two hour movie without wondering what time it was, but I was amazed when they wrapped it all up and it was 2 in the morning. I felt like it was just getting started.

Those of you who know me know that I'm not a movie freak. only movie I loved was the original starwars trilogy and I only saw the rerelease twice in the theater. this will be the first movie that I see at LEAST twice in the theaters. Probably 3 or 4 times.
Please, let's send hollywood a message that we LIKE well done epic movies with character development, plot, and beautiful sceenery and maybe we'll get more. Go see it this weekend and make it the highest grossing movie release ever. Please.
You won't be disapointed. I gaa-run-tee it.

Ok, off to study for morning test, only took 20 minutes to type this up. ;o)
Hope you appreciate it!

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